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History - The Suffering of Benighted

In September 2000 Benighted and Phoenix came up with an idea to create an alternative two-man-metal-band.Benighted and Moonwing

It all started when Benighted was playing a couple of riffs to Phoenix who said they sounded much like Dimmu or something thereabout, Phoenix threw an idea of creating a bm-band (He wasn't really serious at the time), but the idea finally saw the daylight under hard pressure of Benighted.

The name came when Benighted had a terrible hangover, and Phoenix was torturing him with bad jokes. Benighted complained how he is was in "kärsimys" ("suffering" in English), Phoenix asked if it was a MAXIMUS-kärsimys, and hey, there it was! kärsimysMAXIMUS!

Later on, Moonwing joined to play bass on the second demo, which still haven't been recorded, except for the song "Bright light", which was the only song to choose for the new video, as it's sonic quality was much better than the old ones.

Well nothing last's forever, and so it was time to change the name, at November 2003 the name was changed to Kärsimys. The band's been on a brake for a long while, but I promise you, we'll be back, with new and improved arsenal of suffering METAL.

Copyright © 2003 Dan-Mikael Vaaranen