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To download stuff, either click the download link or the preview-image.
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KärsimysMAXIMUS - "Bright light"-video, in DivX5 format. Download now!

A DivX decoder codec is required to view this video, you can download one here.

[DivX5] [19.39mb]


KärsimysMAXIMUS - "KärsimysMAXIMUS"-video in WindowsMedia-format, at least Windows MediaPlayer version 7 is required. Horrible videoquality and terrible in all if you dare..

[WindowsMedia 7] [5.1mb]


Official kärsimysMAXIMUS-desktoptheme (Compatible with at least Windows98/ME, other Windows-versions not guaranteed to work)

[Theme] [2.03mb]


...and of course, the Official kärsimysMAXIMUS skin for WinAmp 2.xx (No browser skin included)

[Skin] [210kb]

Copyright © 2002 Dan-Mikael Vaaranen