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Downloads and Music


We took away the crappy old video. And the WinAmp skin too. They really weren't that good.
The first demo is finally online again! Go down on the page and get it now!

To download videos and stuff, either click the download link or the preview-image.
If download doesn't seem to work, use the right mouse-button and choose save-as.


So here's the complete first demoalbum.
Tracks are:

1. Can you smell it?
2. Kärsimys Maximus
3. Bring me food (Neanderthalian woman)
4. Your blood is my wine
5. Fuckers

Covers are also downloadable if you want to burn the demo to a cd. Click here to download (in .zip-format).


KärsimysMAXIMUS - "Bright light"-video, in DivX 5 format. Download now!

A DivX decoder codec is required to view this video, you can download one here.

[DivX 5] [19.39mb]

Copyright © 2003 Dan-Mikael Vaaranen