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19.6.2003 Good news and bad news

Benighted created an own band, which will be playing very different metal than his previous bands. Kärsimys will not die, at least not yet, because it's always been project-like, and will be. Site for the new band will be up when they got some material to release.

5.3.2003: Brightlight video now in DivX!

That's right, the video is now in DivX so the size is about half of the mpeg-version, so download times should be much faster without much loss of picture quality.

Meanwhile Benighted has visited and played in many bands, but he decided not to stay in any of them, because they we're musically too different from what he wants to play. He's now "in the free markets", and currently looking for a band, preferably old-school blackmetal. You can contact him by email.

18.8.2002: Some new stuff

We've put some preview pictures from the video to the pics page, mainly for those of you without a fast internet-connection. We may be converting the video to DivX-format in the near future so that the filesize comes smaller..

We also now have a little "homestudio" set up in our training-house so now we can start recording new stuff..a little more patience people =)

5.6.2002: Finally up!

As you can see, the new site is up and running, and big thx goes to Whave, the designer of this new lay-out.
And now, ladies and gentleman, THE BRIGHT LIGHT VIDEO IS FINALLY HERE!!! Go and check it out right now!

22.01.2002: The site takes form.

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